Why hire an interim CTO?

Let’s face it – we’re all in the technology business nowadays. Whatever sector you operate in, digital plays a critical role: enabling your business, powering your sales and helping you grow.

Getting it right could mean the difference between success and failure. Between scaling up smoothly and struggling to cope. Even between being a solid, robust concern that attracts investors and partners, and one that simply doesn’t make the grade.

The trouble is, when you’re focusing on your business, it’s easy to lose sight of the technology big picture. Which is where I come in.

My service is entirely tailored to your needs, so tell me where you want to be, and I’ll get you there.

Here are the Top 10 things I can do for you:
  1. Take a practical approach that’s focused on ROI. If you’re developing a product or service, I can coordinate everything in the early stages and help you move forward quickly with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so you reap the rewards as early as possible.
  2. Take your business to the next level by putting systems in place that will help you cope with rapid growth in a planned, structured way.
  3. Cut through the technical confusion to make sure your current technology is fit for purpose, and that you make the right choices for the future to support your business.
  4. Connect you with a powerful network of highly skilled digital professionals for all your software and service needs.
  5. Keep your costs down by rationalising and integrating your systems, using outsourced infrastructure and services when it makes sound financial and business sense.
  6. Ensure organisational continuity by providing an effective, affordable transition as you recruit a full-time CTO.
  7. Build up your technical team, hand-picking staff with the skills and profile best suited to your company culture, setup and needs.
  8. Negotiate contracts to ensure you get the best deal on technology and services, and avoid over- or under-provisioning for future requirements.
  9. Give you long-term strategic direction, moving away from an ad-hoc technology setup that’s evolved organically and that’s often tactical, short-term and unintegrated.
  10. Carry out detailed technical due diligence on your business or one you’re looking to aquire to make sure it’s in the best possible shape.

Your initial consultation is FREE and carries no obligation whatsoever.